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Fruit Fly Solutions | 10 Commandments of Fruit Fly Elimination

  • Stop kidding yourself, you have a problem. Make the investment and get back to business.
    Many individuals hope the problem will go away on its own. However, fruit flies will continue to ruin your business until you do something about it! Don't wait, let us help you figure out a solution!

  • Do not hire an exterminator, they are expensive and they will not solve your problem.
    Our solutions packages are easy to use and affordable. Don't waste money on extermination services, who are only going to fix the problem for the short term. With our specifically design packages and strategies, your problem will be gone for good!

  • Never again put bleach down your drains, this only intensifies the problem.
    Fruit flies live off of enzymes that grow inside your floor drains and sink drains. Bleach can not get rid of these enzymes and might cause damage the your drainage system. Ask us how we can help you clean up your floor drains.

  • Make sure your establishment is clean as can be and empty the trash receptacles at least 3 times a day.
    This is probably one of the main problems that leads to a fruit fly infestation. By removing any excess waist material from your place of business will greatly reduce and control the spread of fruit flies.

  • Purchase Solutions Drain Cleaner and treat your drains at least 3 times a week.
    The Solutions Drain Cleaner is an extremely effective way of removing organic material found in drain pipes, a common place for fruit flies to breed. It comes with an easy to use pour spout that will allow you to coat the walls of your drains for maximum protection.

  • Purchase Solutions Foamer - Hot Spot and treat your drains 2 times a month.
    The Solutions Foamer - Hot Spot will deep-clean your floor drains and sink drains. Our foamer comes with a 360 degree spray nozzel, making it easy for our customers to foam those hard to reach spots.

  • Purchase Solutions Surface Cleaner and mop your floors 3 times a week.
    The Solutions Surface Cleaner will remove any left over bateria from surfaces that can stimulate the growth of a fruit fly problem. Not only does it help combat a fruit fly problem, it kills odors and leaves a fresh scent.

  • Purchase Solutions Drain Brush and clean your drains once a month.
    The Solutions Drain Brush is a necessary tool to remove the hard/crusty build up around the top parts of your floor drains. This long handled brush is easy to use and effectively removes built up dirt and food.

  • Purchase Solutions Fruit Fly Traps which are the single best weapon and are highly effective when used in combination with our other products.
    The Solutions Fruit Fly Traps are an extreme powerful attractant for fruit flies. Once they fly into this trap, there is no chance for an escape. These are easy to conceal, so place them next to areas with open food.

  • Finally, take our advice. Follow and stay consistent with our treatment regimens and we guarantee your fruit fly problem will go away!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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